Type A(Minus)

To say I have Type-A tendencies would be a vast understatement. I am a perfectionist. I am a planner. I tend to be impatient and super time-aware (sorry, family). My brain is constantly in a state of “re-calculating” as to how things will get done and how I am going to manage everything. I show up early everywhere, because being late is the worst. I value efficiency and rationality.

But being Type A and motherhood weren’t mixing well for me.

The “flow” was not something I’ve ever gone with, it has been something I’ve tried to establish and control. But it doesn’t really work that way anymore.

Sawyer doesn’t work on a schedule. At least not completely. If he saw my to-do list he would try to rip it up and shove it in his mouth. Sure, he has his routines. He has his typical nap times and eating times. But those fluctuate and I’ve had to adapt.

I’m learning to cut myself some slack. If I’m a few minutes late, I don’t panic. It isn’t the end of the world and my pulse doesn’t race if I’m running behind.  If my to-do list isn’t done each day, I simply shift things forward.

Being a stay at home mom has challenged this also. Not from a parenting aspect, but from an organizational stand point. What is my day supposed to look like when it isn’t organized into neat little blocks or periods?

I’m still learning. Little man and I are getting some nice routines down. We are learning to organize our days together. But it shifts and changes. I know I am no longer fully in control of the flow. I’m trying to go with it though.

So maybe instead of Type A, I can be a Type A-.

♥, Mrs. Mama

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