Taking Time for Myself

I have no problem admitting that I need time on my own every so often. I need to recharge and relax. Matthew needs the same thing. We have often discussed how important it is to have our own things going on and time to ourselves every now and then.

Take last week for example. Matthew and some buddies spent the week hunting, pre-dawn to dark. In turn, I went to the in-laws to avoid being a “hunter’s widow” (Google it, it’s a thing).  Spending time in the outdoors is important to Matthew, so I wanted to make sure he got as much out of it as possible. This coming weekend, I’m heading to Waco, Texas with my mother and sister-in-law and a friend to participate in the Silo District Marathon/Half-Marathon/5k. Sawyer is staying behind with his Dada so that I can focus on my 5k and enjoy a girl’s trip.

Some may argue with me, but husbands and wives don’t have to do everything together or have every single thing in common.  I’m not a hunter and Matthew is okay with that. Matthew doesn’t want to sit and read for hours on end and I’m okay with that. Furthermore, we encourage one another to develop our individual hobbies. Matthew is learning sign language and I’m learning to cross-stitch. We respect the things that make us individuals.

On the other side of that coin, it’s important that Matthew and I make time for the things we do have in common. We both like fishing. We both enjoy archery. We both enjoy similar movies. I think because we take time for ourselves, we value more the things that bring us together.

When Sawyer grows up, hopefully he will develop his own individual hobbies and interests and we want to establish an environment for him where discovery of said hobbies is encouraged.

What do you think? How do you make time for your hobbies? If your married, how do you all encourage one another in this area? If you have kids, how do you encourage them in developing their interests?

Mrs. Mama

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