If you know me, you know I’m not a big fan of change. I’ll never win an award for “most spontaneous”. I’m a planner. An organizer. An analyzer. I once made a list of lists that needed making. But I’ve discovered something over the last few months.

Change isn’t always bad. They don’t have to be scary and anxiety-inducing.

There were some changes in my life I needed to make. First and foremost was my health. I love food. But I was loving it too much. I enjoy watching TV, but I was enjoying it too much (bye bye, Netflix!).

So, inspired by Matthew, I started a training program for a 5k. I needed to get healthier and get outside.
Inspired by the scale, I joined Weight Watchers. My relationship with food HAD to change.

Next, I wanted to do something for me. Something that I could channel creativity into. I can’t knit. I can’t focus long enough to cross-stitch (I tried). Scrapbooking isn’t my cup of tea. In comes the planner community: people who have turned their love of planning, crafting, and organizing into this massive creative movement. Inspired by them, I made an Instagram for my planning hobby to get more involved.

It’s not about me trying to change and be someone new. It’s about trying to develop into a better, more well-rounded version of myself who isn’t controlled by bad habits.

Running isn’t easy (one day I’ll master breathing in through my nose). Weight Watchers isn’t always fun (but cupcakes every day would be worse in the long run). And my planner isn’t always the prettiest. But I’m taking ownership over my habits and focusing on improving them.

They’re small changes that will hopefully have a big impact!

What about you? Any big changes on the horizon?

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