Toddlers Aren’t For the Faint of Heart

Earlier this week Sawyer decided to be a rock-climber and climb up a rock hill to the big kid’s slide at the park. He tried to climb a ladder to get to a twirly slide. He has never seen a dog he doesn’t want to be friends with and there is no limit to what he won’t try to climb. He has zero fearful bones in his body.

To be honest, I was not fully prepared for this transition into toddler-hood. Sawyer is fearless and it inspires me and terrifies me at the same time.

So here we are. I have become a full-fledged toddler mom. No longer do I have to shout, “don’t put that in your mouth!” Instead, it has been replaced by, “slow down” and “come back down!”

As a parent I want him to explore and learn and be curious, but also never leave my side. Is that possible? I’m guessing not. I’m having to learn how to let go a bit. I’m trying not to be a helicopter parent. I’m trying to curb my initial reaction from running over when he falls and picking him up to simply saying, “it’s okay, brush the dirt off.”

And now he is going to be a Big Brother (!!!) He is going to be awesome at it, if only he slows down enough to even notice a new baby. One of my big worries is going to be encouraging his exploration while balancing a newborn. Seriously, if you have tips/advice, send them my way!

So that’s the season of life I am in currently. Toddlers are scary. And nerve-wracking. And wonderful. And so, so fun. But being pregnant with a toddler is possibly the most exhausting thing ever. Thank goodness for naps.

P.S. – Toddler life also means that half of our conversations look like this. Meme from this website.

Funny toddler memes

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