About Me

I’m Amy, a stay at home mom living in Indiana with my husband, son, and dog. Originally from Kentucky, I attended Murray State University where I received my B.A. in English Education and my M.A. in English, with an emphasis in literature. I met my husband Matthew there. For eight years I taught high school English and Humanities in Kentucky, as well as coaching speech and academic team, before taking time off to stay home with our son Sawyer.

Random Tidbits:
I’m addicted to planners and pens (and office supplies in general).
There is no limit to the amount of coffee I can drink in a day. If there is, I haven’t found it yet.
Organizing things (anything, really) is relaxing to me.
I’m a hoarder of books.
In high school I did theater and took Latin. Yup, I was one of those kids.
Being on Jeopardy is a legitimate goal I have.
I speak in an elevated volume almost 100% percent of the time.